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No matter how many articles I have read and learned about concealer even as a makeup artist I was never a fan of using it on myself. Maybe because I was never able to find one that suited me and my skin tone and I never really thought I needed to use one. I was very happy using only a foundation as a base on my face. My skin reacts and gets irritated very easily and so I have to be careful with what products I put on my face when it comes to makeup and skincare. So because of this I try to use minimal products on my face and one product I always skipped was the concealer. That was until I decided that my dark circles were getting really bad I needed something to help me cover them up that I decided to dive into the world of concealers. In comes the BOBBI BROWN CREAMY CONCEALER KIT. Before I go any further into the product I thought I will share what concealers really do why you should be using them just as reminder and maybe some of you don’t understand what a concealer is supposed to do.


Concealer neutralizes and balances skin imperfections. Concealers help to disguise dark spot and make them invisible making the complexion appear smooth. Some people prefer to just use the concealer instead of using the foundation and concealer. A good concealer is texture free, invisible when blended into the skin and enriched with vitamins. Concealer also brighten the skin and lightens dark spots. As the under eye area much more sensitive than the rest of the skin you need to choose a creamier concealer to use in this area as you need to be delicate when applying the concealer under the eye area. Now let's get back to the main topic, the Bobbi Brown Concealer.


The packaging is absolutely lovely, its made from good quality hard plastic that doesn't look cheap.its easy to open and close and has a mirror which is very useful when you are travelling. the size of the package is perfect for travelling and doesn't take a lot of room.The concealer comes with a setting powder which is think is very useful when you only want to use the concealer or even otherwise. The Creamy Concealer Kit costs around 300-400 HK$ and you can buy it at any Bobbi Brown counter in Lane Crawford, Facess and LAB Concepts around Hong Kong. it is a bit on the pricier side but I tell you why it is absolutely worth every bit of money you spend.The Concealer Kit has an option of 15 different shades so no matter what your skin tone you will definitely be able to find a colour. Bobbie Brown claims that this kit will "Conceal and set in one portable kit. Bobbi's Creamy Concealer blends easily to instantly cover and brighten dark circles. It also helps maintain skin's moisture levels for a smooth, virtually line-less look. Fuss-free pressed powder sets concealer for long-lasting wear"

The concealer that I got was in the shade Warm Honey. It is the perfect colour for me where its not too dark and not too light. Its light enough to brighten the under eye area and dark enough to conceal dark sports and circles. The concealer has a a creamy texture that isn't too creamy that it looks oily but it isn't too matte that the skin under the eye area looks dry. As I have mentioned so many times before my skin is very oily on my face so I need to be careful when using certain cream products as they tend not to last too long on my skin.

This Bobbi Brown Kit is absolutely perfect for my skin, it doesn't crease at all through out the day and lasts all day as well once I have set it with the setting powder that comes in the kit. The concealer itself applies smoothly and conceals my dark circles and spot very well. after I have applied the concealer I wait about 30 seconds before set it with the powder, allowing the concealer to settle on the skin. I realized that when I do it this way it lasts much longer and my skin looks much smoother.

The first thing I realized was that my under eye area was much brighter and healthier looking than when I don't use a concealer or only use the foundation. It is easy to use and a handy product to have on you. I now never the leave house without applying my concealer because I saw such a difference to my complexion once I started using this product.Claims about helping to maintain the skins moisture levels I didn't really notice that so I cant comment on that but everything else is spot on to what Bobbi Brown says.

If you have never tried this concealer kit from Bobbi Brown I definitely recommend this and you should definitely give this a try.

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit? Let me know what you thought of it



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