Sunday, 12 October 2014


I thought I will share with you all what I have been carrying in my handbag lately on a day to day basis. As I don’t have a full time job as yet I don’t have to carry that much I my bag. These are the basic if will be out and about during the day or go out in the night for a dinner or meet up with friends.

1. Coach Madison op art Sophie satchel, 2.Coach Wallet, 3.Umbrella, 4.Ray Ban Sunglasses, 5.Card Holder(holds my train card and loyalty cards), 6.Pouch to hold my makeup, 7.Note book, 8.Tissue packet, 9.Watsons Wet wipes, 10.Pen, 11. Mirror, 12.Nivea lip balm in Raspberry, 13. MAC brow pencil - Spike, 14.NYX lipstick in Lola, 15.Brow brush, 16.MAC eyeliner pencil in Definedly Black

I would like to know what you carry on a daily basis in your handbag. Please share with me if you think I have left something important out.



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