Monday, 13 October 2014


Each one of us has a unique face shape that suits each individual. I thought I will run through what the exact method of contouring, highlighting and applying blusher to suit square shaped faces would be. I hope everyone can learn something even if you are an advanced makeup applicator or a novice at applying makeup. 


The square shape is commonly characterized by these features - A wide and angled forehead, well defined jaw line and plumped up cheeks then you probably have a square shaped face.  I personally do have a square shaped face myself.

If you cannot identify yourself with the above mentioned characteristics, I believe the best alternative is to stand in front of a mirror with a lipstick and outline the shape of your face. This should give you a better picture of what shape you fall into.


Contouring is mainly to hide, slim or lengthen the facial structure through the use of makeup. Highlighting on the other hand is to draw attention, improve a flat area on the face (nose) and enhance the overall features of the face. It's like giving a three dimension aspect to your face.

When contouring a square shape face the main aim to reduce the high point of your face like the wide forehead and high jawline. You will need to contour both sides of the temples and both sides of your jawline. This will give a softer look to your features.

Once the contouring is done you need to bring out the rest of your features out such as the cheeks. You need to apply highlight to the middle of the cheeks to balance everything out. You could also apply highlighter to the middle of your chin as well.

The main aim of contour and highlight is to ensure your face is symmetrical. Since most of aren't privileged with perfect features we can artificially achieve these with makeup making them look as if we naturally have these features.

I hope you square shaped girls learned something new. Let me know how you contour or highlight. I would love to know if you follow these steps of if you follow something else. Either way let me know.




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