Monday, 13 October 2014


Finally let's take a look at the oval face. This is the most wanted shape that everyone wishes they have. With contouring and highlighting this is the shape we hope to achieve. I hope everyone can learn something even if you are an advanced makeup applicator or a novice at applying makeup.


Perfectly angled cheeks, sculpted cheek bones, much softer jaw line, the forehead is balanced is with the lower part of the face which makes the oval face features symmetrically balanced and sculpted.


Contouring is mainly to hide, slim or lengthen the facial structure through the use of makeup. Highlighting on the other hand is to draw attention, improve a flat area on the face (nose) and enhance the overall features of the face. It's like giving a three dimension aspect to your face.

For contouring all you need to do is just give a bit of definition to cheeks by contouring the hollows of the cheek.

As for highlighting you have the option of highlighting the center of the forehead and chin as well under the eyes. This will enhance the overall look.

The main aim of contour and highlight is to ensure your face is symmetrical. Since most of aren't privileged with perfect features I sure am not lucky with perfect features, we can artificially achieve these with makeup making them look as if we naturally have these features.

I hope you long shaped girls learned something new. Let me know how you contour or highlight. I would love to know if you follow these steps of if you follow something else. Either way let me know.


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