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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity thanks to Sassy Hong Kong, you can read about them HERE to experience first-hand what it was like to have a skincare consultation with Kate Somerville, the skincare experts. Kate Somerville is known for providing her clients some of who are celebrities with healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. I had heard about the brand but never tried their products as it was a bit in the pricey range. Most of the products are recommended and used by Kate Somerville herself.

Consultation Area 

Recommended Products

I arrived for my consultation a few minutes ahead of my appointment but I was greeted by very friendly staff who offered me a seat and a drink while I waited till it was my session. Kevin who was supposed to conduct my consultation came and spoke to me and asked me to give him a few minutes that he will be with me shortly once he had finished with the client he was with. When it was my turn he introduced himself to me and told me that he will organize the area that he will be conducting the consultation so we could begin. Before the session started he said he needed to ask me a few questions to find out what my skin type was and about the concerns I had regarding my skin so he can get the appropriate products that would suit me. I told Kevin that I have an oily T-Zone with a few dry patched on my cheeks. My skin concerns were the sensitivity to certain products, dark circles under my eyes and the difference I have in my skin tone pigmentation. The products were the gentle daily wash, dermal quench liquid lift, clarifying treatment toner, oil free moisturiser, goat milk cream, hydrating face serum, lumi white skin tone perfector, anti-aging sunscreen, age arrest eye cream, clearing mask and exfolikate gentle exfoliating treatment. Kevin told me that he will explain how each of the products work and will let me feel how the products are on my skin by using my hand. Kevin then explained each product to me and about how I should use them. He also explained that my sensitivity is mainly due to the humidity in Hong Kong and pollution. he also explained that was the main reason I would get breakouts. I will write about how each product separately below. Kevin knew every product so well that he was able to explain them to me so clearly. He told me why I should use them and how exactly I should be applying the products as well. He explain the ingredients and why they are in each product as well. This helped me a lot to understand how and what each product will be doing to my skin once I start using them. I was happy he was able to tell me this because I am quite sceptical when it comes to using new products since my skin have an adverse reaction quite easily.

The cleanser is very gentle on the skin and is suitable for oily and sensitive skin. The cleanser is sulfate-free which means it won't over strip the essential oils in your skin. Kevin suggested I massage the cleanser gently onto my skin and wait for about 30 seconds to a minute and then was it off

The toner is alcohol and oil free meaning it won't dry the skin too much strip the skin and also helps reduce the shininess. He said this tone is specially formulated for oily skin types.

This treatment is supposed to tackle wrinkles, sagging skin, dryness and even the skin tone. Which was beneficial for me as I do have an uneven skin tone. Recommended to be used in the AM and PM both. I need to spray 2 horizontal lines on my cheeks and forehead and massage the product well into the skin.

The product is made to address skin discolouration. The serum is supposed to diminish the skin discolouration and reveal a more translucent even complexion. Recommended to be used in the AM

The product is supposed to reduce shine and make the skin glow while tackling fine lines and wrinkles. Recommended to be used in the PM

The moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated while controlling the oil in the face. Recommended to be used in the AM.

Suitable for sensitive skin that is formulated to keep the skin looking smooth and refreshed. Recommended to be used in the PM.

Designed to fight signs of anti-aging around the delicate skin in the eye area. Recommended to be used in the AM and PM both. the eye cream came with a small spatula so you don't have to use your hands and contaminate the eye cream.

Supposed to help reduce blemishes and prevent future break outs. Filled with antioxidant to purify the skin and reduce excess oil production. Suggested that I use it once a week for 8 minutes.

The natural fruit enzymes and gentle micro-beads buff dead skin away. Recommended to be used once a week. Kevin told me to gently massage the product into my skin and leave it for about 1-2 minutes and wash it off after.

An ultra-light formula that helps reduce the damage on the skin that the natural sun does. The lotion doesn’t leave a white residue and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Every day after the moisturizer has been absorbed.

Kevin used my hand to demonstrate each product while layering the products in the order I should be using them. On the other hand he showed me how the mask and exfoliator should be used and how my skin would feel after I used these products. The hand that he used all the products on was absolutely soft and looked smooth and had a glow to the skin. I was quite surprised as to how my skin felt. The packaging is made to help the customers use the products with ease. They are very user friendly and a lot of thought and care have gone into making the packaging.

Once the consultation was finished I was given all the products to take home with me with a product guide as well in case I needed to refer back and see what the products were and how to use them. Overall the skin consultation was a one of a kind experience for me as I have never had one before. I have had skincare counter experts explain a product to me but not like this. I know exactly what products would suit me and what they will be doing to help my skin, i was assured that they would also suit my sensitivity and that I can use them without any worry. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who would like to try the Kate Somerville brand. You will definitely get your money's worth for sure. Kevin the  senior skin consultation expert was absolutely wonderful and will make you at ease immediately. cant wait to start using the products and will get back to you with reviews for each product after I have tried them myself.

Next time I go to buy skincare products I will definitely be going for a skincare consultation as this helps you understand what your buying and what the products really would be doing to help your skin. Gives you a complete understanding of the products so you will know if you need that particular product or not.

Have you ever been to a skincare consultation? Let me know, I would like to know what your thoughts are on it or if you will ever go for a consultation yourself.

*This is not a sponsored post but I won a give-away through Sassy Hong Kong.


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