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Lip liners are important even though we tend to forget it and I am also guilty of that because sometimes we are in a hurry and just applying the lipstick is much easier and faster than first lining our lips. When choosing a lip liner you need to ensure that it matches the lipstick or you can choose a colour that is a shade darker than the lipstick to avoid any ghastly looking lips. Let me tell you why lining our lips is an important part in your makeup routine.

During the summer or any hot day for that matter or even after you’ve had a meal the lipstick tends to move around go all over the lip area. The lip liner acts as a barrier and prevents the lipstick from bleeding(spreading) beyond the edges of the lips. This is most common when you use lipsticks that have a strong colour like plums or reds. Lip liner prevents embarrassing lip moments.

Lip liner gives definition to your  lips by outlining and accentuating your cupids bow and be able to show off the shape of your lips. By defining your lips with a lip liner your lipstick application will look smooth, brighter and flawless.

Outlining and applying lip liner all over the lips before the application of lipstick makes the colour of the lipstick last much longer and will be resistant to daily wear. Once the colour of the lipstick starts to wear of you will have the colour of the lip liner that will prevent the lips from looking patchy. Even though lip liners fade much slower they can tend to dry lips so you need to prep your lips with care and maybe use a moisturizing lip balm before you apply the lip liner.

Making lips look fuller and plumper is much easier with lip liner so you don’t have to envy anyone who has fuller and plumper lips. All you got to do is line the lips just outside the natural edge of your lip and fill the  rest of your lips with the lip liner. The will have more definition to the pout of your lips. Don’t overdo it as it will make the lips look very artificial.

Soothe is a local brand that you find in your local Bonjour in Hong Kong. They are a budget brand that have lip products and brow products. The lip liners cost around HK$20 each which very reasonable. The lip liners don’t have names which is a bit annoying but only have numbers as reference. The colours I bought were a deep plum - #916, a brown - #913, a nude - #919 and a peachy orange colour - #914.

Top to Bottom - Nude(919), Peachy Orange(914), Brown(913), Deep Plum(916)

The packaging is absolutely basic and the  outside of the lip liner pencil is the colour of the liner. So you know what colour your choosing and you don’t have to open the lip to check when you are testing the product. The pencils need to be sharpened when they get blunt. They  are easy to sharpen and don’t break half way through when sharpening. I hate when that happens because half the pencil is gone after you have  sharpened. I would say they are travel friendly as they very light and can be easily carried in a small makeup pouch.

916 - DEEP PLUM  

913 - BROWN

919 - NUDE

The colours are absolutely true to what's being shown on the outside. The colours are very opaque and have an extremely good colour payoff. The liners have a smooth texture that makes they glide on very easily over the lips. They last well over 6 hours and prolongs the wear of the lipstick which is very important. When I wore one of the lip liners with a lipstick that would wear off easily, I was surprised to see that the lipstick lasted much longer than it usually would if I had worn it alone. I would recommend wearing the lip liner on its own as they are that opaque in colour. The only thing you need to be careful of is that they do tend to dry the lips a bit so I would suggest using a good moisturizing lip balm beforehand. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone as they are absolutely amazing for the price. If you haven't tried lip liners before I would recommend you give this brand a try to see how you get along with lip liners. This could be a stepping stone for you to start falling in love with lip liners.

Apart from the many beauty benefits such making lips look fuller and plumper, lip liners are simple to use, inexpensive and has a wide array of colours to choose from. It is one of the most forgotten and underrated beauty products of all time, remember lip liners can make your lips look much better and should be a must have in every girls/woman's bag.

Do you use lip liners or do you prefer to wear the lipstick without lip liner? I would like to know what you think




  1. I like your tips for using lip liners! The deep plum is so pretty. I should use liner more often since it helps color last.

    1. Thank you and glad I could help out.


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