Thursday, 16 October 2014


Everyone uses a foundation brush or a buffing brush to apply their foundation. That’s the usual method of applying our foundation and that’s what we have gotten used to. We generally don’t use foundation sponges to apply our foundation as it’s a bit messier and takes a bit longer to get a smooth and flawless application as well as time consuming. Recently I came across the Shu Uemura foundation sponge as I have noticed that in Hong Kong makeup sponges are quite popular. If you go to a makeup counter here in Hong Kong they use the sponge to try the foundation on you so I was intrigued to give them a try.

Most foundation sponges can be used as a wet sponge and a dry sponge as using it as a wet sponge will give a lighter coverage and using it as a dry sponge will give a fuller coverage of the foundation. As the name suggests the Shu Uemura sponge is shaped as a pentagon. Its claims that the defined corners of the sponge is to reach the contoured areas of the face for a precise application and that’s the reason for the shape. The sponge itself is very light and feel smooth and soft to the touch. It's not harsh on the face and glides smoothly.

I usually use a buffing brush to apply my foundation but since I came across this sponge from Shu Uemura I switched things up a bit and have been using this method now for a while. it has made my foundation look much better and i feel it lasts a bit longer as well.


You need to hold the sponge under running water for a few seconds and then squeeze out the excess water, this way the sponge is not too wet. the sponge doesn't expand when its wet it remains the same size when its wet or dry. I like to use a foundation brush to apply the foundation on and then use the sponge in a dabbing method to smooth out the harsh edges and blend everything together. You can however use the sponge to directly apply the foundation on to your face but I found that this doesn’t give as much as a smoother finish when used in combine with a foundation brush. This method gives a much lighter application and the makeup doesn’t feel too heavy on the complexion. The sponge doesn’t soak up a lot of the foundation which means you don’t waste or need to use extra foundation.


When using it as a dry sponge I use the same method for applying the foundation and use the sponge in a dabbing motion to smooth out the harsh edges and blend everything together. This method gives a fuller and heavier coverage to the complexion. If you have any scarring, spots or pimples I would suggest using the sponge in this manner. As I mentioned before the sponge doesn’t soak up a lot of the foundation which means you don’t waste or need to use extra foundation.


I also like to use it to blend concealer under the eyes to cover any dark circles as I experienced that the concealer goes on much smoother with a better coverage than using a concealer brush. The concealer looks flawless and also lasts much longer. The defined corners fit exactly under the eye area allowing a precise application under the eye, which I believe you can't get when you use a concealer brush.

As an extra advantage you can use the sponge to blend any cream products such as blusher and highlighter. The sponge gives a smoother application than using fingers or even a brush to smooth out the cream products.

Overall this sponge has multiple uses for it not only for the use application of foundation but cream products and concealer. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It is not very expensive as you get a pack of four for HK$ 60 which is very reasonable and good value for money. The sponges are easy to wash as you only have to use some soap to wash off the products and it does was off easily. Shu Uemura does have a sponge cleaner that is sold separately but I haven't used it as of yet.

Will you be giving the Shu Uemura sponges a try? Do you use a sponge or brush to apply your foundation or how do you apply your foundation, let me know.


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