Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Face masks are a good addition to add to your skincare routine maybe once a week or every other week, as face masks treat a particular skin type or a condition, so you need to choose one that suits your needs. To further elaborate if you have dry or dehydrated skin you will need a mask that is going to hydrate your skin, if your skin is red you will need a mask that will smooth and calm your skin or if it is oily you will need a mask that will draw out all the impurities and clean your pores. You need to keep your face mask on for about 10-15 minutes. The most common ingredients are clay, Aloe Vera, seaweed, vitamin E to name a few. Each face mask targets a different concern and it all depends on the ingredients in the mask. There are masks that can hydrate the skin, nourish the skin, sooth the skin, rejuvenate the skin, tighten and tone the skin and help blemishes which are the most common concerns.

The sasa Aloe Vera & green apple mask is suitable for all skin types which is a plus I would say. The mask is designed to treat tired skin. The mask claims to be able to soothe and energise the skin with a fresh cooling sensation. After using the mask the skin supposed to look translucent, clearer and brighter. The Aloe Vera and green apple is supposed to provide exceptional hydration, address anti-ageing issues and has the ability to repair the skin.

The packaging very basic as the mask comes in a sachets where you have to tear open it to take the mask out. You get 10 packets of masks in a box for HK$68 at any local sasa. Most of the time sasa have promotional offers going on so you can wait for a promotional offer if you are sceptical about giving this a try. The mask is a white sheet mask with a moisturising gel where you have to press the mask on to the face until it has completely adhered to the face. You need to leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes for it to do its magic. You need to apply the mask after cleansing and toning but before you put on your moisturiser because once the mask is removed there is gel type moisturiser left that you need to massage into your skin. Once the mask is on you feel a cooling sensation on your face which is very refreshing and quite soothing. Once the mask is removed I noticed that my skin looked much brighter, plumped and less tired. The skin did look refreshed, brighter and fresh. This was only temporary though as the next day I didn’t see any of these benefits as this is not like a usual cream based mask I didn’t notice long term effects. It is good to perk up your skin when you feel the skin needs a bit of life especially if you are going out in the night. I normally use this mask like I said if I feel I need something to wake my skin up if I have a function or if I have to go out somewhere in the night. I would repurchase the mask as it did have temporary benefits that suited my needs. The claims as to tackling anti-ageing issues I cannot vouch for as I didn’t notice any. As my skin is oily I didn’t notice that my skin was feeling exceptionally hydrated but it did feel well moisturised.

Do you use any sheet face masks let me know if you do or even what you think about face masks I would love to hear it about it.



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