Monday, 20 October 2014


Having a good moisturiser absolutely important in your skincare routine, as much as having a moisturiser you need to find one that suits your skin and addressed your skincare needs. Having oily skin I am always on the lookout for a good moisturiser that will help me keep my skin matte for longer. It's quite difficult to find a moisturiser that help me achieve this but this is where the L'OREAL hydra-fresh balancing refining icy gel moisturiser suitable for oily to combination skin that instantly quenches skin and reduces sebum excess comes to play. Oil-water balanced keeping the skin watery and oil-free for longer. It's made with deep marine source water naturally enriched with essential minerals such as concentrated purifying zinc material that is known for its powerful sebum regulating properties rather than ordinary sea water. The moisturiser also has micro sponge technology that helps absorb the excess sebum from the skin to keep the appearance of matte for longer.

The packaging very nice as it comes in a seas green glass bottle. It has an easy to use lip and a protective cover that prevents leakage and keeps the moisturiser in place. It is reasonably priced as well at HK$89 at Bonjour. It does have quite a strong smell that smell a bit like the sea, but its bearable and once you apply the cream the smell is gone. It has a very light texture to it as if it has been whipped. It feels absolutely light on the skin once applied and absorbs immediately so you don’t have to wait till its absorbed. When applying it you do feel a cool sensation on the skin. I actually like the feeling as its quite refreshing it kind of wakes you up

I first applied this with nothing else on my face and the moisturiser did keep my skin looking matte for at least 7-8 hours. However I tried it on another day and went out and it lasted around 6 hours for me before the skin started becoming shinning. Foundation does go on smoothly and it didn’t get splotchy. I felt that the foundation lasted a bit longer after I started using this moisturiser. I feel that my skin has got softer, plumper and smoother looking as well. Even though the skin is matte if doesn’t feel too dry or tight, it feels matte yet feels moisturised at the time without being too oily.

I really liked this moisturiser as it did stick to its claims and it has helped me keep my skin looking matte for longer while making my skin softer, plumper and smoother looking. I would definitely recommend this moisturiser to anybody that has oily to combination skin. It will actually surprise you as how well it makes the skin feel.

Would you be giving this a try and controlling your oily skin? Let me know I would love to know if this worked for you the same way it did for me.


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