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Colour correctors are used to neutralize any skin discolouration under the eye area and in certain area of the skin such as any redness, prominent blue or green veins, yellowness in the skin or dark circles. The green corrector is used to minimize any redness or visible pimples. The lilac colour is used to neutralize any yellowish complexions and covers shallowness in the skin. The pink corrector neutralizes greenish skin and appearance of dark circles. Beige/peach corrector cover bluish areas of the skin and can be used even as a highlighter to highlight the skin in certain areas. It is good to use colour correctors before applying your foundation because it reduces the amount of concealer you have to use to disguise imperfections. This way you don’t have to have wear a lot makeup on your face and the base can be lighter.

The Flormar is an Italian brand of makeup the specializes in producing makeup. This camouflage palette has 5 different colour correctors and the colours are lilac, green, pink, beige and light beige. They retail at HK$83 which relatively is pretty affordable as you get 5 different shades which is quite a good deal. You purchase them at any local  Bonjour in Hong Kong. 

From top to bottom - Lilac, Green, Pink, Beige, Light Beige 

 from L to R - Light Beige, Beige, Pink, Green, Lilac 

The packaging is very basic looking where it’s a sleek, black palette and very light. Even though the packaging is very basic it doesn’t have the look of being cheap. The cream products are very soft and smooth and can be easily blended into the skin. The colour pay-off of these cream products are very good. The products did come with a makeup brush but it wasn’t very good and I don’t use it, I use a concealer brush to apply the product on to my face. This way you get a more precise application of the product exactly where you want the product to go. I use a makeup sponge like the Shu Uemura Pentagon Sponge (check the review Here) to blend the product. The product does exactly what is it supposed to do which is camouflage imperfections. I mainly use the beige colour correct as that suits my skin concern of disguising yellowish areas on face. When I use the corrector I don’t have to use a lot of concealer which I like because I don’t like to use a lot of product on my face as my skin is very oily.

This is a good purchase because you don’t have to have different colour correctors with you because this has the 5 colour correctors that you need. This way even if you don’t have concealer on you or you don’t use concealer this can do the job of a concealer as it does disguise imperfections quite well.

I would recommend this product to anyone especially if you are just starting out with makeup, as it is a handy product to have on you. I would repurchase this product again as it is very useful for me as its quite difficult to find beige/peach colour correctors that suit my skin.

Do you use any colour correctors in your makeup routine if you do what brands do you use? Let me know I would like to know what you think.



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