Sunday, 19 October 2014


My cuticles are very dry and I had gel nails for years when I was flight stewardess and that has weakened and ruined my nails quite a bit. My nails were chipping quite frequently and was peeling. Because of this I do use a lot of hand creams to keep my nails and hands moisturised and in good condition. Added to my hand creams I use hand masks as well whenever I give myself a manicure at home.

I use the Color Combos Olive Hand Mask. The hand masks contain olive oil and botanical extracts which leaves your hands visibly smoother, and improve the elasticity of your hands. The mask leaves your hands feeling fresh, healthy and supple while feeling soft and perfectly hydrated. The olive oil is meant to help your hands skin become naturally softer and refreshed for a longer period of time. It also has antioxidant components to keep your hands fresh. . The packet gives instructions at the back which is easy to read and follow.

The packing is very basic and disposable. All you need to do is tear off the top to take the hand mask out. You need to wear the hand mask and leave it for about 15-20 minutes before removing the hand mask off. One packet is HK$12 or you can but five packets for HK$60. which is a very good deal to use as a weekly treatment. Once you remove the mask from your hands there is a moisturiser left behind that you need to massage into your hands and cuticles. This leaves your hands feeling much lighter, fresher, softer and smoother instantly. The olive oil acts as cleanser, moisturiser and protects the skin from dry skin. The botanical extracts help the texture of the skin and nails. This hand mask has improved the condition of my nails and cuticles quite a bit. The nails have stopped chipping, peeling and looks much healthier. My cuticles are not as dry as it used to be. I ensure that I use this hand mask once  a week to keep my hands looking soft and smooth.

This has helped my hands look amazing so I will recommend this product without an issue and would suggest that if you have dry hands to give this a try. You can buy the foot mask at any Sasa in Hong Kong.

Do you use any hand mask or what do you do to keep your hands looking wonderful? Let me know I would like to hear about what you do.

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