Friday, 24 October 2014


CANMAKE is a Japanese brand with over 20 years of experience in makeup and beauty that is mainly famous in Asia. They are known for their cute girlie packaging and attract both teenagers as well as adults. They are Japan's number 1 cutesy makeup brand. The powder eyebrow comes in 4 different colours, with always having one light shade and one dark shade. There is a  one matte shade which is the darker and a the shimmer shade which is light.

I purchased their powder eyebrow in number 12 which is the shade called light. It is described as a subdued light brown. Though the colour is called light it isn't exactly light as the dark shade suits my dark(black) brows perfectly. You get a dark matte shade and a lighter shade which has shimmer in it which you can use as a highlighter under the brow bone. The product is relatively cheap compared to other available high-street brands in Hong Kong. Costs around 88HK$ and can be purchased at any Sasa outlet in Hong Kong. 

If we look at the packaging you can see that it is very basic and quite cheap looking as it comes in a plastic, transparent packaging and has a cheap look to it. Since the packaging is very small and compact it is very travel friendly and isn't very heavy. The texture of the brow powder is very smooth with a matte finish. The colour payoff is extremely good so you need to use a light hand when using the powder if not the brows will look very dark. The wear time is surprisingly very good for a high-street local brand. It lasted around 4-5 hours before I noticed it starting to fade but when I set it with a clear brow gel it lasted all day. I prefer to apply the brow powder using an angled brow brush because you can get a precise application and it makes the brows look natural. This shade is the perfect colour and in Hong Kong it is very difficult to find darker brow powders, so I was quite happy that I was able to find at least one.

Overall I would say this is good product as it wear time is very good and you do get a good amount of product as well. It has good colour payoff and has a few different options to suit most hair/brow colours. I will definitely be repurchasing this product once I finish mine. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has darker brows like me to give this a try. Sometimes cheaper brands can surprise you and are as good as branded products.

Have you ever tried any products from CANMAKE? if you have tried I would like to know what you think.



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