Tuesday, 21 October 2014


As I have previously mentioned my skin very sensitive and I have to be careful with what products I use. After I moved to Hong Kong it was quite difficult to find a mud mask that agreed with me as face sheet masks are quite popular here in Hong Kong. I came across the Borghese Fango Mud Mask in my local Bonjour and thought I will give it a try. The mask if filled with mineral rich mud that helps to minimize pores and purify the skin. The mask is supposed to exfoliate the skin and help renew skin cells, reduce fine lines, provide smooth and toned skin texture. Almond and Avocado oils are supposed to detoxified and gets rid of the dull skin producing radiant fresh skin. The mask can be used all over the body but I used it only as a face mask. Mud masks are especially beneficial for oily to combination skin as they soak up excess oil and clear out pores reducing the signs of acne and pimples.

The packaging is really is nice as the product comes in a nice glass that can be reused once the mask is finished. It's not very expensive HK$118 where you get 200ml which is quite a lot as you will be using the mask only once or twice a week, so this will last quite a long time. The mask is a dark kaki green colour and a very thick but smooth texture. It can be easily applied and glides on smoothly onto the skin. I used foundation brush to apply the mask as this gives an even application but you can use your fingers if you like.

When applying the mask doesn’t have a smell but does feel cool once applied on the skin. I did notice that my skin was feeling a burning sensation but it was bearable and after I finished applying the mask the feeling was gone. Maybe if you have extremely sensitive skin I would suggest you be careful. The instruction were to keep it on for 5-10 minutes the maximum. The mask immediately starts drying up and you can feel the skin becoming tighter. You should wait until the mask becomes very hard but should take it off when you start feeling a bit uncomfortable. I used a wash cloth with warm water to take the mask off. It was easy and came off quickly. Once the mask was off my skin felt lighter and so much more cleaner. The skin was clearer looking and I felt as if a load was taken off my face. I also felt that the dead skin had disappeared because my skin was feeling softer and smoother. I definitely did notice that my pores had shrunk but the claims about the mask helping fine lines I am unable to say as I still don’t have fine lines luckily but hopefully this will help me keep them away. The day that I use the mask my skin is oily free for much longer during the day. Which I think is a bonus. I use the mask once a week when I give myself a spa treatment at home. It helps clear my skin as with the weather in Hong Kong my skin flares up and becomes very oily.

If you do have sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend this for you but if you have dry or oily skin I would definitely suggest you give this ago. Let me know if you have tried this mask or if you do use masks on regular basis.



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    1. It is a good mask, my skin felt really cleaned! Give it a try


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