Thursday, 16 October 2014


Most makeup removers don’t do what they claim they will do when you purchase them. Having a  good makeup remover before you cleanse your face is much easier as most of the makeup will be removed and you don’t have to waste your cleanser trying to remove all the makeup and dirt. I can't remember how many times I have had to double and triple cleanse to get rid of all the makeup.

I have had my share of various different makeup while I was a flight stewardess. I used to dread removing makeup after a flight because I could never find a good makeup remover. That was until I came across the Biore Makeup Remover. If you live in Hong Kong you can purchase it from most Bonjour cosmetic shops and they do international deliveries to certain countries. Biore makeup remover is a clear gel that claims that it lifts up and dissolves waterproof foundation, lipstick and facial dirt from the skins pores. Thoroughly cleanses without leaving a greasy feeling after rinsing, double cleansing is not required. Contains moisturizing agents that leave the skin feeling supple and without feeling tight. 

I used this makeup remover when I had a full face of makeup with waterproof eyeliner and mascara on to see if its claims stand. I used one pump of the gel and rubbed it all over my face mainly concentrating on my eyes. I massaged the gel for about a minute to dissolve the eye makeup and loosen the rest of the makeup on my face. I used two cotton pads to remove the makeup. To my surprise all of the makeup, even the waterproof eyeliner and mascara came off without me having to tug and rub at my eyes till they were red. All I had to do was just take the cotton pads and wipe off the makeup remover and all the makeup came off. It was easy and fast as I didn’t have to go over my eyes with a new cotton pad and makeup remover to remove the remaining makeup.

After removing the makeup and cleansing my face as usual it didn't leave any residue or I didn’t have a greasy feeling on my skin. Just like it claimed the makeup remover performed. About the claims of it having moisturizing properties to leave the skin feeling supple I am not sure that i felt that bit but I do know that my skin didn’t feel tight after using the makeup remover. By far this has been one of the best makeup removers I have used recently. I am thrilled I came across this makeup remover as I won't be struggling anymore with waterproof makeup and can wear it with ease as it won't be an issue getting the makeup off.

Do you have a magic makeup remover that you use? I would like to know how you remove your makeup and what you use to remove your makeup.



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