Saturday, 18 October 2014


Everyone has to go through times where we face having spot on our complexion. It is the most unwanted things that happens to most of us. It's not easy to get rid of these unwanted spots unless we find the right product to fight these pesky spots. I have oily to combination skin type so I have my share of spots that visit me on and off and specially during PMS. I normally don’t do anything special and let the spots go down on their own but after moving to Hong Kong and the weather change has affected my skin quite drastically and I get spot quite frequently now so I was on the lookout for a product that would help me cope with the spots. I am quite sceptical about trying new skincare as my skin added to being oily is also very sensitive so I have to be extra careful when I try new products. Alone cane Avene Spot Treatment, my new skin remedy for all unwanted pesky spots. It is very difficult for me to find a cream that actually agrees with my skin. Avene specialises and creates products that are suitable for blemish prone skin. So I knew that my skin will not have an adverse reaction to the product.

The cream is light in texture and white in colour. the packaging is very basic and nothing special about it. the price is also very affordable costing around HK$120. Once applied there is no residue left and it absorbs very fast. This is very helpful is you apply it before going to bed as the cream wont soil the pillows. The instructions say to apply the product directly on to the spot as it is developing. That’s exactly where this product works its magic because the product works just as the spot is coming up from under the skin. This product stunts the spot from developing with just one application overnight. I usually apply the cream last after my moisturiser just over the areas that need it. Come morning the spots hurt less, less red in colour and have reduced in size and is almost invisible.

This product by far is the best spot treatment I have used and I will recommend this product to anyone who suffers from combination skin or spotted skin. Avene spot treatment has been my life saviour after moving to Hong Kong helping me keep my spots under control. If you live in Hong Kong you can buy it from any BonjourSASA or Watsons.

How do you tackle those pesky spot, let me know I would like to know what products you swear by.


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