Friday, 31 October 2014


Since of late I have been opting for necklaces to style and accessories my outfits. I think its so much more classier and elegant. I love to go to Forever 2, H&M and Zara for accessories. they have a good selection and are very affordable. Here's a peak at a few to make you want to go shopping right away.

Faux Gemstone Flower Necklace HERE

Coin Fringe Statement Necklace HERE

Geo Rhineston Bib Necklace HERE

Short Necklace HERE

Wide Necklace HERE

Sparkly Necklace and Earrings HERE

Necklace with Applique HERE

Pack of 2 Stiff Necklace HERE

I don't even have space any more to keep my ever growing jewellery collection as in Hong Kong space is a big issue but I cant seem to help myself. These necklaces are so pretty that every time I go I have to buy at least on piece. It is the season for parties and night outs so I think a shopping spree is in order to get ready for all the occasions don't you agree with me?

Do you feel the same about jewellery shopping? Comment and let me know what you think



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