Sunday, 12 October 2014


1. I love watching Disney cartoons, they make me feel so happy. My favorite Disney cartoon is Pocahontas.

2. I used to suck my two middle fingers from the age of 0- 7 years. I used to have a blanket that I used to carry around with me while I was sucking my fingers. I still to this day have that blanket as a souvenir.

3. I love Italian food. My favorite dish is spaghetti cabonara.

4. I love cats and grew up with having a pet cat all the time. I currently have a cat named Blinky.

5. I also love spicy food.

6. I am living in Hong Kong at the moment.

7. I am the oldest in my family, I have a younger brother and sister.

8. I was a flight stewardess for 5 years.

9. I am a qualified Makeup Artist.

10. I love the character wolverine and the actor who plays the character Hugh Jackman.

11. I'm afraid of needles and whenever I have to get an injection someone has to be next to me.

12. I am happily married for 3+ years and counting.

13. I can cook and I also enjoy cooking. Its very relaxing for me.

14. I can't wait to visit the USA and Mr. Hubby and I are planning a trip next year.

15. I lived in London for year and miss it very much. I can't wait to get back some day.

16. I can't drive even though today everyone can drive and its almost a necessity today to be able to drive… I have gotten by so far without being able to drive.

17. I'm 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

18. Milka chocolates are my all-time favorite chocolates. I can eat whole slab at one sitting.

19. I hate peanut butter and jelly. Actually hate peanut butter on the whole.

20. I love Nutella with a passion. I can eat it with anything and everything, that’s how much I love it

21. I am very afraid of the dark, I have to sleep with a night light on if I sleep alone.

22. My birthday is on the 6th of September.

23. I love cuddling on the sofa with Mr. Hubby and watching TV series all night.

24. I love lounging in pajamas all day… Hey it's so comfortable.

25. I love handbags with a passion.




  1. I actually have a night light as well haha, I sleep better if I think it's not night time.

    1. That's good, as long as you feel safe


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