Thursday, 30 October 2014


Having a good pair of boots that can weather the winter is an essential staple to have in your wardrobe. I would suggest a pair of boots to wear in the day and a pair of boots with a heal for the night. Alternatively you can wear pumps as well if the weather is not too cold and windy. I wear pumps in Hong Kong as it doesn’t snow and isn't as cold as some countries. I do how ever have a pair of boots with me just in case the weather gets bad.

Lately I have been looking for a pair of ankle boots which are more suitable for the weather here in Hong Kong and thought I will share what I have been having my eye on. Sometimes I do wish that it would be really cold in Hong Kong just to be able to wear the awesome boots that are available on-line. 

I cannot pull of knee high boots but I do like them and keep adding them to my wish-list every year hoping that I will find away to be able to wear them. Do you like boots? Do you have a favourite? Comment and let me know what you think of my choices. 



  1. Anonymous10/30/2014

    Completely in love with boots with chunky heels. So much better than stiletto heels (unless you love a balancing act ;). Actually any shoes with wedge/platform heels are super comfortable. However, I bought a pair of ankle boots from Forever21 that has a chunky heel but no platform at the front of shoe, fair to say I cannot walk in them long :( can be painful.
    IG: nataburg

    1. I know even I prefer boots with wedges or no heels if not you cant walk for long by the end of the night. You should check out the boots at Zara they have some good ones without heels.


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